New year ahead and a brand new blog

Thank you for visiting Interface Interface. This is project of projects – Here you can find articles, prototypes, coded examples of UI components as well as things I’m making just for fun.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to put out a blog. I’ve even created it a few times and never released it.

Honesty, I’ve been afraid of judgement. Reputation is important in our industry and I’m putting my head above the parapet to talk about user experience, research and tech. It’s time to put ego aside and collect some of that precious feedback – I hope to learn a lot!

So here it is.. There will be articles, prototypes and more

At the heart of my effort is a genuine drive to create and help develop solutions to real world problems. This platform is also designed to act as a portfolio, not only to showcase what I can do but to demonstrate a capacity for adaptation and learning. After all – When is the last time you had every skill outlined in a job role that you applied for? either.

There is a prototype directory to accompany this blog where I will put projects and examples.

Continuous improvement

I hope that you will visit now and again to see this platform develop, I will aim to post at least once per month. If you’d like to work together on a project do get in touch.